Sync’d Up with Diana Davis

Have you ever come across someone’s social media account and thought, “It must be nice?” Maybe it’s because you want to be able to travel freely like they do or work for yourself. “They must be so well connected and have grown up in a city.”

It would be easy to have these thoughts when coming across Diana Davis but if you knew her whole story you’d realize she’s more like you than you think.

From small town Colorado, Diana didn’t bloom into who she is today until she got fired from her NYC editorial job and had to figure it out. After successfully creating a 6-figure photography business she started helping other creative entrepreneurs create their own glow ups and her coaching business was born.

Now a full-time nomad we caught up with Diana to learn more about what her life really looks like, the hidden stressors and how she manages finding balance in it all.

What does a day-in-the-life look like for you as a nomadic?

I love catching the sunrise wherever I am in the world, whether New Zealand or Mexico City (Marea PMS Elixir and matcha at sunrise FTW!). Because of the time zone change and the fact that most of my business coaching clients are in the US, I'm up early. Depending on that time zone change, I'm either jumping on coaching calls in my airbnb (coffee shops have proven to be too unreliable for zoom) or I'm off exploring the city/mountains I'm in until those calls happen. Lots of solo meals and adventures. And when I'm lucky, I connect with some really cool, like-minded people who are also probably traveling. 


It seems like you've created a dream life - working with creatives, on your own terms - get real with us - what are the challenges?

Oh, I keep it real. Open book over here. There have definitely been challenges feeling motivated in my business while I'm on this crazy nomadic journey. Sometimes resentment creeps in and I just want to take a year off, however, at the same time, I'm so grateful for my business because it's funding this journey and allows me to be remote. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE what I do and my clients but it does feel like sometimes I'm the one rowing the boat and if I stop, I'll sink. There can be a lot of pressure to keep it all afloat. 


How do you alleviate and manage stress while living nomadically?

I love finding workout studios wherever I am. (I've taken spin and yoga in both French and Spanish which is wild experience.) It helps so much to move my body and nourish it. All my supplements come with me and I make sure I'm eating as well as I can—even though trying the food in a new place is part of the whole experience. I also set aside time to turn inward. Journal, reflect, pull oracle cards, pray even. I'm a big believer that everything is happening for me and that thought alone alleviates stress. 


Being a nomad you probably have to be pretty picky about what you bring with you. What are your top 5 non-negotiables in your suitcase?

Vitamins (obvs Marea), my incense and crystals (not practical at all but makes me feel at home wherever I am), my oracle card deck (also not practical), like 7 books (I'm a gemini, can't stand a kindle, and need variety. Also, not practical.). 


    Worst period story while traveling?

    OOO good question. Not a period but I had a UTI while touring the Vatican and had to convince the Italian pharmacy to give me antibiotics without a doc note. I've actually had really great periods while traveling (probably due to Marea)! But it does suck when they land on the day I have a 24 hour flight to Australia. All I gotta say is Flex period cup ALL THE WAY. 


      What advice would you share with someone who aspires to live how you are?

      Really check in and ask yourself if it's really for you. I think this lifestyle is trendy and it can REALLY rock people. It's not butterflies and rainbows like Instagram makes it seem. And if it is for you, figure out your budget and lifestyle and go from there. Maybe it makes sense to rent a van and stay domestic. Maybe it is supportive to look into a company like RemoteYear that plans everything for you. And most of all, trust yourself! You're the only one who can know what you need.


          "It's not butterflies and rainbows like Instagram makes it seem."


        What is currently lighting you up?

        Traveling! haha And meeting people around the globe. For example, I hosted a creative business coaching retreat in Greece this May and participants joined from around the globe—Germany, USA, France, and a lot I have met on this nomadic journey. It blows my mind!     

          Find Diana at @dianadaviscreative and get on the waitlist for her next retreat in Ecudaor.

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