Live your flow state

Hormonal Balance

Science backed nutrients to improve hormone related symptoms.*

Everyday Benefits

Replace your daily multi with added benefits for hair, skin, nails and more.*

Clean & Convenient

No fillers or synthetics and the most bioavailable ingredients packaged into individual servings.

Deal less, live more.

Dairy Free
No Colorants or Synthetic Fillers
Gluten Free
No Added Sugar

We were suffering

By women, for women

When we couldn't find our way, we made our way. 

We were struggling and didn't know where to turn to. With only band-aid solutions available we dug deeper to solve the root problem. 

Who is Marea?

Formulated for you

The nutrients you need

PMS symptoms have been correlated to nutritional deficiencies in our bodies. Even if we strive for balanced diets, we aren't always able to fully support our nutritional needs.

We formulated our elixir with 15 science-backed nutrients to help support common deficiencies and reduce period symptoms.*

Our Nutrients

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