Karen Calmer: Refreshing Hormone Supporting Summer Mocktail

Cool (calm) down this summer with the refreshing Karen Calmer Iced Tea & Lemonade refresher. Half PMS Elixir and half That Time of the Month Tea this summer mocktail contains 15 essential micronutrients to support the root cause of your hormonal symptoms while providing you with 4 organic herbs to ease symptoms at their onset.

Mix it up today and wave good-bye to those awful period symptoms.

PMS Elixir

[[ recipeID=recipe-8ll3wedag, title=Karen Calmer: Hormone Supporting Iced Tea and Lemonade ]]

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I have noticed a significant amount of joy and an energy return to my life. Something that has felt so difficult for me to experience in the last few years. I am amazed at the effectiveness of Marea and am so grateful I stumbled upon it.

-Danielle C.