Hormone Balancing PMS Popsicles

What if taking your daily supplements was easy? What if you didn't have to gag down a handful of pills? That's why we created and love the PMS Elixir—you can drink it up or add it to recipes like these heat wave refreshing popsicles.

The Elixir has a tarte lemon flavor so we created a tropical treat including several hormone healthy ingredients (even carrots!). Here's why we chose these delicious ingredients for this hormone balancing PMS popsicle.

Mango for Hormone Balance

Not only is mango delicious but it is also packed full of nutrients that support healthy hormone function including vitamin B, vitamin E, prebiotic fibre, vitamin c, magnesium and folate.

Raw Carrots for Hormone Balance

Raw carrots are unique in that they are mostly made up of indigestible fibre that can help support the excretion of excess estrogen.  When we don't have regular bowel movements estrogen can build up and be reabsorbed creating what is known as estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is very common especially in today's modern world given the growing number of estrogen-like chemicals in our environment.

The PMS Elixir

Our modern lifestyles including processed foods, environmental toxins, stress and more has contributed to a growing percentage of our population being nutritionally deficient. Most doctors, including functional medical doctors, recommend individuals to be taking a high quality multivitamins. On top of that, if you're experiencing symptoms of PMS or hormone imbalance it's likely a sign of nutritional deficiency—which is why we created the PMS Elixir: a physician grade supplements including 15 key vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hormones. This is the ultimate insurance plan that you're getting all the nutrients your body and reproductive system needs for healthy cycles.


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