11 *Free* Self Care Routines For Quarantine

Everyone is talking about self care, but so often it includes that new $40 face mask or bath soak (okay, we're totally guilty of giving into these). But, we wanted to know what our friends were doing to check-in with themselves during these stressful times—so, we asked 11 of them to share their new life *free* self care tips.

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I've been reading some fun historical fiction—it feels so transporting right now. I recently learned that reading is considered a form of active meditation if you keep your brain really focused on the words on the page and try not to let it drift, and I find it really relaxes me way more than watching TV. 
--Jessica D'Argenio Waller MS, CNS, LDN Welltribe.co, Marea Advisor


I've started to consider long walks a legitimate form of exercise (yup, snobby former gym rat here), and a daily necessity. I call more now. I'll hop on face time with just about anyone who's willing because I so miss seeing those faces I had taken for granted. I relish my live zoom fitness classes - seeing the instructors and the community I've come to depend on is a serious mood booster. Chocolate and wine. Every. Damn. Day. And zero guilt because pleasure is also a serious mood booster and how I do #selfcare.
--Dana Pitman MS, RD, CDN Marea Advisor


Call an old friend. Recently I reconnected with an old friend and teammate from college. Even though it's been nearly a decade since we last spoke, the conversation was so effortless and I felt so energized afterwards. 

Take a long(er) shower. The shower has been an escape for me especially now as a mom of two (boys ages 22 months and 6 weeks). It's a great time to unwind, think or not think (if that's what you need), and just unplug. Sometimes all I need is an extra 5 minutes to let the hot water wash over me. It's so relaxing. 

Go for a walk & listen. I love going on walks. It's especially helpful when my babies need naps. I usually always listen to a book on tape or a podcast (both make me feel more productive with my time than listening to music); however, there are days where I don't listen to anything. Instead, I just listen to the world around me and let my mind wander. Walking checks a bunch of boxes: exercise, me time, nap time, learning, and getting outside.

Find a new hobby. My husband and I love a good cocktail and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a snob when it comes to crafting a delicious drink. We decided to create a new instagram account to document all of the fun cocktails we’ve been making. We’ve purchased unique ingredients you may not typically buy at the liquor store and created our own syrups for our creations. It’s been a fun hobby reserved for the weekends since neither one of us is a big drinker. We can’t wait to invite our friends and family over to share some of our favorites with.
--Tory Fenton, Marketing @butcher_box // Marea Advisor // Mom of 2 // Crossfit Coach

Throughout this entires process, my saving grace has been getting outdoors without my phone. I start every morning with my coffee and a 1-mile walk. When I don't have headphones in or the temptation to check my email, this space allows me to mentally prepare for what I want to accomplish over the course of the day. On the weekends, my walk gets upgraded to a trail ride or a long hike—anything that keeps me unplugged when I don't need to be working.
--Tana Hoffman, Founder & CEO of Mountainist // Badass Outdoors Woman

BATHS! I rarely make time for a nice soak and being home has allowed me to fit in a 15-20 minute bath where I put on my favorite Jazz Vibes Spotify list and meditate. Also, my husband and I have been really enjoying cooking—we always cook at home often, but it doesn't feel has much like a chore anymore. It's really enjoyable.
--Monica Grohne, Founder of Marea


Sync your day with the weather (versus a 9-5 schedule) if you can. Right now, in Jackson, it can be gorgeous and sunny all morning, then rain all afternoon. Whereas before I would wait until the end of the workday to go outside or take a hike, now I pounce to go outdoors the moment the weather is on my side. Even if it's a 15-minute walk around the block, it's a simple shift to re-orient your time to be more in sync with what's happening around you.
--Claire Adams, Founder I'm Outside // Marketing Strategist COA

Since I’m a meditation teacher, I’m definitely meditating. Even on the days I don’t want to. I’ve found sitting and just creating the space to see what’s coming up and feel my emotions, and accept them rather than pushthem away has been really helpful. 

I’m also making an effort to do less this month. I’m not forcing myself to accomplish crazy goals or use this quarantine time to “do, do, so” anymore. I’ve accepted that in many ways this is a time to slow down, and just rest. Things will return back to normal one day, and that transition will not necessarily be an easy one after being stuck inside and unable to really go anywhere right now. So I’m using this time to rest, reflect, and slow down rather than forge myself to get dream projects done just because it feels like I “should be” doing more. 
--Sara Shah, Founder of Mother Yin // Meditation Mastermind // Marea Contributor

Something that I've been working on that is out of the ordinary is relaxing. As a person who's generally on the go, excels at being on a timely schedule and lacks the patience to sit still, I've been practicing the art of doing nothing. How, may you ask? By enjoying the ebb and flow of the soothing, systematic sway of a hammock (more often than not with a Kindle in hand). 
--Bree Buckley, Badass Mountain Athlete // Marea Community Coordinator

I've been making more time to create just for fun. I've always been a creative person, but in recent years, most of my creative efforts have been put toward my professional work. It's extremely therapeutic to get lost in creating—whether it be embroidery, painting, or journaling. The key is to let go of the idea that you need to make something perfect!
--Kirsten Nunez, Marea Contributor // Wellness & Nutrition Journalist

Solo dance parties in the late afternoons have been my greatest form of self care lately. I’ve found that this simple, physical act of grooving to the music is cathartic—providing an emotional release that helps me to feel more alive and connected. And the best part… nobody is watching my wacky dance moves!
--Ginny Parham, Founder of Rhythm & Root // Period Healing Goddess

I recently started to compost (total beginner here), and it is amazing how much it connects me to nature and to myself. I'm able to slow down and pay attention to how much waste I'm throwing in the garbage versus putting back into the ground and my soil, which then feeds my garden. It is such a rejuvenating, mindful habit that I'm glad I started!
--Robin Vieira, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher // MindfullyRobin


I let go of my lists.
I still use my yellow legal pad daily lists for work, I deleted my tracking lists on my phone and computer…
I tracked yoga, meditation, thank-you cards written, Spanish lessons, hours slept… the list goes on. A way to keep on-task to accomplish my goals and to make/maintain new habits. It comes from a good place. But right now, not staying to my goals feels beautifully freeing.
It turns out the goals that I enjoy doing I still do and the things that felt like a “should”, I simply put aside for another month or time in my life. ‘Good enough’ feels like self-care for these times and beyond.
--Julie Dery, Founder / Creative Director Saltworks Creative // Creative behind Marea's Branding

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