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This works!

I’ve tried so many pms supplements with minimal to no results. This supplement takes my pms symptoms from about 9 days to only 2 days. I didn’t bloat, have breast tenderness, or nearly as much irritability. I felt more energized and like my “normal” self. I have also been exercising and trying my best to eat healthy. I think all of these things together have made a big difference!

Easy and delicious!

I love Marea Wellness! The elixir is a tasty way to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins I need for proper hormone function with out choking down pills - ha! I love being able to drink it and actually enjoy my vitamin routine. Definitely going to recommend it to all my female clients. Bye bye PMS!

Just a few days into it.

Always welcome new PMS solutions.

Tasty Supplement

I was skeptical about this product but after 3 months of consistently taking it I do feel like I have less irritability! I enjoy taking it in the morning and I like the taste. My anxiety seems to have diminished a bit as well and I am able to feel more calm during stressful events! The company is very transparent and they get back to you quickly about any questions you may have! Give it a try and give it some time to work before dismissing it!

Effective and tasty!

Love this product. It tastes delicious (I literally look forward to it every morning!) and it alleviates my PMS symptoms. Also just love that my body is getting all of these healthy nutrients that I want to be consuming regardless of PMS.

Nausea/stomach aches

I loved this at first but it gave me indigestion and stomach aches and loose bowel movements. I haven’t been able to take it recently because of that and nausea from it, unfortunately.

Hi Ari, we are so sorry to hear that you are experiencing discomfort. We are going to reach out to you via email to see if we can provide further support.

Eases my symptoms

This elixir has become part of my morning routine and it tastes great! I noticed feeling less anxiety during my period (something that’s gotten worse as I’ve aged) and feel a little bit more in control!

Unfortunately it’s just not for me

On top of the taste and grittiness gagging me.. which I’m sure is my own hang up I just really found it difficult to fit it in to my morning schedule but I am going to mail it to a friend with very similar problems and hope that it works for her. 

Helen, thank you for sharing with a friend. We are sad that this wasn't the solution for you, but grateful for you passing it along and sharing.

THIS STUFF WORKS!!!!!! Last period I had such bad pain I went to the doctors twice. I have had really bad periods. I started taking Marea at the beginning of this cycle. I am on day 28 of my cycle, about to get my period, and didn't even realize what day it was because I have ZERO PMS symptoms!!! The taste is amazing too, soooo refreshing first thing in the morning. TOTALLY WOULD RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!

Great flavor!

Super convenient and easy to take vitamins! I am fortunate to not have severe PMS symptoms but with taking this I have none! It’s great!

Loving it so far!

I’m excited to see how I feel after another month. So far I love the taste and feel like I’m more “level” emotionally! I need to order more!


I like the taste and easy to drink. I have taken it for 3 weeks now and didn't have a pre-period breakout like a usually do. Still had some intense mood-swings day before and first day of period, but hoping it is my body adjusting to new regimen and it will be better next cycle. Like getting all my vitamins in one easy drink.

This stuff!!

I’ve been using this for one month now and already feel results. My skin has not broken out nearly as bad as it usually does around my time of the month, and my symptoms have reduced dramatically! I used to PMS for a solid 10 full days before, with painful cramps and brain fog. Now, it only lasts for about 2 days and is not nearly as bothersome! I can’t wait to continue to have this tasty treat as part of my routine!

Super tasty, on-the-go wellness!

I love adding Marea to my morning routine! Super tasty and packaged in the cutest on-the-go pouch, it makes giving my body the vitamins it needs simple and stress free. I've never been one for daily pills, so I'm so thankful that Marea helps me give my body what it needs in a fashion that works for me!

One-stop shop vitamins!

All of my wellness vitamins in one! It's easy, effective, and tastes delicious.

Game changer!

I’ve been taking Marea consistently for just under a month and already have noticed a difference in my mood. Usually 1 week before my period, my breasts are extremely tender and they aren’t currently. I’m so thankful. PLUS my mood is so much better, according to my boyfriend ;) So glad that I found this product! I’d recommend it to anyone!

It's literally a pleasure to take these vitamins.

I was suffering from pill fatigue...taking 6+ vitamins to stay healthy and regulate my cycles. This solution is sooo much better. It taste yummy, and I look forward to drinking it every morning.

Reducing PMS symptoms dramatically

I purchased this because I was desperate to reduce the pms bloating and breast tenderness that plagues me for almost a whole week to 10 days before my period. That, as well as the tiredness and irritability really incapacitate me. After almost a month of taking Marea, those symptoms were dramatically reduced to a just small twinge a day or two before my period, and I am hopeful they will get even better.

The best!

I have been taking it for 1 week now, I can feel the difference. I feel replenished with the necessary vitamins that my body needs during PMS. Thank you!

Clean, Natural and Effective

I love the concept and this product. Using it has become a part of my daily routine. Highly recommend!


What a great way to take vitamins. It’s easy to mix up and tastes really good! Reminds me of raspberry lemonade.


I am absolutely horrible at taking pills, and I have had my fair share of trying companies that promise their product taste good and works for PMS, anxiety, stress etc and not work!
This product tastes actually amazing, it is easy to drink. Not super tart, tastes like lemonade.
I have been taking it for four days, and holy cow! A huge notice is when I am becoming stressed or annoyed I am able to access whether it something I need to be overwhelmed by. Also I have way more energy in morning and during this super high heat days. I am hooked!
Honestly this product is going to be great for so many people. My only hope is that they make a glass jar option for less single use waste. Like a 30 day option in a glass jar, with a measuring spoon. That is my only complaint.

PMS relief made EASY!

This elixir is tasty - tangy/citrus with just a hint of sweetness - and genuinely easy to drink. The packet is easy to open, and if you put the powder in a glass before you add water, you honestly don't even need to stir it. One less spoon in the dishwasher! I've only taken this a few days so far, but in these initial days I've noticed that I feel more energetic. I can't wait to see how I feel in the coming days and months!


This tastes delicious, light, refreshing and citrusy. I’ve been taking Marea every morning for two weeks and feeling more alert and less cranky! My partner thanks you!!