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Miracle Elixir!

Amazing! No mood ups and downs!

Completely Changed Me

This supplement really stands up to the hype! I started taking it and by my next cycle I had a significantly better experience managing my emotions and even period pain. Now that I'm a few months in, I have a consistently stable emotional state through the whole month. I am so grateful to have this in my life and I recommend it to all the women that I know. It really has improved my quality of life! <3

Happy to have Marea!

I have severe mood swings the few days before my period. It can feel like I am incapable of a positive thought. i have been using Marea for two months. This time my mood was much improved. I was able to handle my emotions and even workout before my period. It is such a relief! I'm so happy to have found Marea!

So thankful for this product!!

I just started using Marea a few days ago, so I haven’t been able to note the full effects yet. However, the taste of this product is so good, and I love knowing that I’m receiving an adequate amount of supplements I need in order to support my menstrual health. I have a history of irregular periods, so I’m hopeful this may be able to regulate them and prevent my PMS symptoms!! Perfect for a regular water bottle, plus it helps me get more fluids!! Highly recommend so far.


Only been a month and a half and I am already seeing a difference.
Only thing I would change is the amount of magnesium.

Noticed a big difference

Recommended to all my friends! Will be ordering more!

Sarah, so happy to hear you have noticed a big difference and are sharing with your friends.
Be sure to check out our membership option that gets you 20% off every single month! No commitment, you can adjust your ship date or cancel at anytime. Let us know if you have any questions!

It was this easy all along?!

Have menstruated twice since starting this Elixir, and WOW! Have tried every tincture in the book, modified my diet, researched cycle syncing, and all along all I had to do was try Marea. Expensive but SO worth it- cramps barely noticeable, no headaches, my mood is way more manageable, and my energy level is up! And, always an option to delay your subscription renewal if you aren’t having the Elixir every single day. Tastes like lemonade, good hot or cold (but to be honest would drink it even if it tasted like dirt for these benefits).

This product fixed me!

Seriously. I have tried everything. I am a 37 year old woman who has had PMDD since puberty … to the point of it severely affecting my life. Lost jobs, relationships, ect. Marea has lifted that cloud and allowed me to be a happy, successful, energetic woman who is no longer a monster two and a half weeks a month. Thank you so much!

Maybe a decent multi vitamin

Maybe a decent multi vitamin but I noticed zero in my period... craps the same flow the same moods the same. Took it faithfully and still am to justify the what I paid by but will not be purchasing again as I can find a decent multi vitamin at a lower cost and not have to pay for shipping.

Hi Rachel,

I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't notice any symptom improvement in your first month with the elixir. When combating symptoms with nutrition it can take up to 2-3 months to notice improvements. For me personally it took about 2 months of consistent use to notice a difference.

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Great supplement!!

Since using Marea I’ve really noticed that my moods are more even and my skin is more clear. I also love how easy it is to travel with these! No more bottles of supplements to take with me!

I don't know why this works, but I'm so happy it does.

Okay, I waited my full cycle to share my review of this, because I didn't want to give anyone false hope. For a little context, I suffer from PMS, but also Pre Menstrual Exacerbation, which means that my existing mental health disorders get SIGNIFICANTLY worse during my period and in the week before and after it. I haven't been able to find a solution.

Now, I want to emphasize that I was already taking most of the vitamins and minerals that are found in the Marea mix. I honestly just wanted an easier (and better tasting) way to take them than downing a bunch of pills every day, so I bought the powder. I started taking it about 2 weeks before my period, and as it approached, so did my characteristic fear about how I was going to feel. But the strangest thing happened: I got closer and closer to my period, and I felt...fine. It wasn't until the day before I started bleeding that I began to feel some of the negative psychological symptoms that I typically experience, but even those seemed less heavy and less "sticky," if you will. Like it was easier than normal to get myself out of that difficult mental and emotional state.

The second test came as my period came to an end. It's not talked about much, but I find that for me (and many of my friends), some of the worst mental and emotional symptoms can happen as my period is leaving rather than when it's coming. Again, I had one day where I was just irritable and not a happy camper. I took some CBD and called it a night as soon as I could. I felt fine when I woke up in the morning, and I've felt fine since.

I honestly don't understand why Marea works, when the supplements I was taking didn't. But whatever (good) witchcraft they're doing, I'm 100% on board. I'm really hoping that these results continue, because if they do, it'll be life changing. I'm about to sign up for a membership as soon as I finish this review.

I also think it's important to note that I'm not on birth control or SSRI's.

Thank you Marea!

Answer to prayers!

I’ve been suffering from PMDD and peri menopause for several years. I’ve been so, so tired. This has given me more energy and hope! I tell all my friends about it. Extra bonus, no more swallowing all those vitamins. Can I get an Amen? Thank you, Marea!

Love it so far!!

I look forward to having my elixir every morning! It tastes good and I feel like I have been less moody! I’m not even sure where I am In my cycle and I usually can tell due to all my terrible symptoms.

Life changing

I went from 10 days of intense depression and irritability that kept from my work to 2 days of mild irritability before my period. When I noticed I felt happy a week before my period this month, I was amazed.

Marea is life changing. I feel more like myself than I have in months!

Great results

I’ve been taken Marea for several weeks daily and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my overall health and regularity. The taste is good and an enjoyable addition to my daily routine. The convenience of a packet is nice to bring easily to work to take with water at lunch time. I look forward to seeing the long term benefits. I definitely feel like this past month has been an improvement in overall mood and symptoms.  

Would definitely recommend

Thank you for making this product. It has helped so much with breast soreness and mood swings. My anxiety is gone and even my short term memory is better

Taste Test Sample Pack
Lindsey Dubey
PMS Elixir

Hey there. I tried out the sample kit first and I am patiently awaiting my full month order because I loved it so much. The flavor is delicious. I am looking forward to nourishing my body and having better periods. Thank you!

Marea Happy Hour is my daily ritual! 💛

I've been using Marea for almost 3 months. I used to have bad mood swings, feel down, and experience physical discomfort during PMS. My symptoms are almost completely gone now! It's crazy (pun intended)!

Marea makes me feel seen. I've often had my PMS symptoms dismissed or even made fun of in the past. With Marea, I feel like I belong to a community that understands me. On top of that, it's absolutely delicious and easy to take!

This helps my acne too?!

Already wrote a review about how obsessed I am with this product (it’s been a complete game changer for my monthly PMS) but HAD to write a second review because apparently it’s also an acne elixir?! My acne really cleared up after 6 weeks of taking Marea, thought it might have been a coincidence but then I was away for a month without my Marea and surpriseee my acne came back. So excited to get back on my daily Marea routine and clear this sh*t up!

I can’t believe how much this has helped my mood

The week before every period I have it’s like I tuen from Jekyll to Hyde. I have mad PMDD symptoms and at 30 I thought I would just need to accept how things are. I have tried numerous prescribed medications and at home concoctions to help my mood. With just 2 weeks of using Marea I could already see improvement in my mood during PMS. I had almost forgotten I was about to get my period because of how smooth my mood felt. While I am still waiting for further results since I just started Marea, I can’t recommend it enough. I look forward to seeing continued results with this product!


I can’t believe A) how amazing the elixir tastes. It’s so refreshing. I’ve been taking it for a week now, I switched up my diet to higher protein diet. So that change and the elixir together have made my terrible PMS symptoms so much easier to deal with. I’m obsessed!!! It’s definitely essential for me in my daily life.

This works!

I’ve tried so many pms supplements with minimal to no results. This supplement takes my pms symptoms from about 9 days to only 2 days. I didn’t bloat, have breast tenderness, or nearly as much irritability. I felt more energized and like my “normal” self. I have also been exercising and trying my best to eat healthy. I think all of these things together have made a big difference!

Easy and delicious!

I love Marea Wellness! The elixir is a tasty way to make sure I’m getting all the vitamins I need for proper hormone function with out choking down pills - ha! I love being able to drink it and actually enjoy my vitamin routine. Definitely going to recommend it to all my female clients. Bye bye PMS!

Just a few days into it.

Always welcome new PMS solutions.

Tasty Supplement

I was skeptical about this product but after 3 months of consistently taking it I do feel like I have less irritability! I enjoy taking it in the morning and I like the taste. My anxiety seems to have diminished a bit as well and I am able to feel more calm during stressful events! The company is very transparent and they get back to you quickly about any questions you may have! Give it a try and give it some time to work before dismissing it!