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Recommended to me by a coworker. I would get bad bloating and cramps monthly that became beyond a nuisance. I would get one episode almost monthly of severe cramping - so bad I landed in the ER once- I cry, literally can’t move, and takes over an hour after pain killers to calm down. I am a physician myself and have had my pain worked up. And concluded it’s just horrible period cramps. Started this a few months ago, willing to try anything, and haven’t had it happen again! And the usual bloating and cramps are much better too. I have this now on subscription!

PMS Elixir: The Menstruator Multivitamin


I’ve never used anything like this before! Not only did I not suffer from my usual symptoms prior to my period, but my period itself was painless! No cramps, pimples, bloating..the works! Super thankful for this product and will of course keep using!!!

1 month

I have taken Marea a little over a month. My period this last cycle went really smoothly. My moods were balanced, I had energy and my cramps were mild. I am looking forward to see how my next cycle will be the longer i take it.

Game-Changing Vitamin!

This one supplement has replaced my B-vitamin complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, AND magnesium! The ingredients are so high quality & I enjoy the taste.

Worth the money. Just do it

Just try it. You won't regret it. I really really wanted this to work for me. I was struggling with all the usual stuff, but mostly mood swings and breast pain. I'm very skeptical about supplements and I honestly didn't think this would make a noticeable difference, but I'm so glad I was wrong. I didn't want to leave a review until I'd used it for 3 months, and I can tell you that this stuff works. Be consistent and you will notice results. So glad I made the decision to spend the money.

Gratitude and Relief! Thank you Marea

i started taking Marea a few months ago when a friend forwarded me an insta ad and thought if nothing else I would appreciate the branding. I did AND I realized that this was a solution i didn't know existed and am SO GLAD i do now! I was diagnosed with PMDD a few years ago and was "taking" all the recommended supplements but skipping doses often bc i hate swallowing all those pills and it was tough on my stomach. With Marea i only have to add iron and few others -- and i actually enjoy drinking it. Bonus! I feel more balanced and evened out (even in luteal hell week) and overall just lighter. Not "cured" but hopeful, which is a big win. I am so grateful for the care put into the product and the awareness marea is bringing to PMDD/PME -- I highly recommend for anyone looking for a natural way to start feeling a little better more and more each day.

Great Flavor

Love the product but it is hard to open.

Hi Reegan! Thanks for your lovely review. We are working on solutions for the packaging as we know the current stick packs are very difficult to open. Thank you for sharing this feedback with us and stay tuned for an update!

My new nightly routine!

Easily have incorporated Marea in my nightly routine! I drink this after dinner and before bed and the magnesium definitely helps calm me down for a better night's rest! If I feel any cramping or symptoms, I'll take this during the day and it has been so helpful! Love the taste!

Immediate results

Bought after one of the worst PMDD months I’ve ever had in my life. Started taking immediately after my last period, and this months period snuck up on me because I didn’t have a single symptom. Not even hormonal breakouts. Literally took a pregnancy test because I was confused. The only downside is the taste. I literally gag while taking this!!! I cannot stand the taste for the life of me. Even my fiancé had a hard time swallowing it. It is pretty pricey as well. I take vitamins for another womanly issue which is shipped monthly at $25/mo, on top of this, is a lot. While it did help, I’m getting my IUD taken out soon, so I may not continue with it.

Eases PMDD!

Doesn’t fully take away PMDD but helps ease the symptoms. I used to take prescription medication 2 weeks before my period but now I only need them for 1 week with Marea so that’s a win for me! A little sour but I can’t complain!

This has helped so much

I was struggling hard after my 3rd baby. This has helped SO much. I couldn’t even tell my period was coming with these vitamins. Before these vitamins I would be a crazy lady plus an insane amount of cramps! Definitely worth it!

Very Impressed!

I highly recommend trying this product. It is made by women for women. Every detail has been carefully considered. I have been very impressed with the ease of the product and the customer service. I hope many woman find relief from Marea!

Dance Cardio Instructor Approved!!! 💃🏼

I definitely noticed my PMS symptoms weren’t as bad after taking the Elixir for a couple weeks! One symptom that is really tough for me is breast tenderness and swelling. I’m a group fitness instructor- dance cardio + sculpt - so I do A LOT of jumping haha. It’s so hard to be in the fitness industry with PMS, but I was pleasantly surprised that my breasts weren’t as tender since using the Elixir! Thank you Marea for helping me move and groove through life 🙌🏼

Magic Elixir

Instead of suffering through my period with complete exhaustion and cramps, my periods are now barely noticeable. I've recommended this to so many friends. Amazing!


Okay I know it's not technically a sleep supplement, but I sleep so well after taking Marea! Haven't taken it long enough to see how it effects my period, but so far I love the taste and it just makes me feel good. So good.

Still new to these!

I’ve been keeping it consistent maybe missed 5 days total in my first month. I have to say flo gummies helped with my cramps a lot more, since going off then I’m hurting worse 😟 going to keep trying marea for awhile because I like the taste and want it to work!


My 16yo daughter has been using Marea daily for three months. She has noticed a huge difference in her cramps, but most notably in her mood and PMDD symptoms the week before her period. We are so grateful!!

Great product

love the taste and feel great after taking

Great Product

This product is fantastic!!! It has certainly been a game-changer for me and the PMS ELIXIR has significantly reduced my PMDD symptoms (someone who has struggled with PMDD since her early teens). Overcoming hormonal disorders can feel extremely isolating so I am extremely grateful for the Marea team, platform, and community for it's well-rounded product and mission to empower women. There's a profound comfort in knowing that we're in a time when this type of awareness & product are available to the women of this world. THANK YOU.❤

Works great

I have taken this for a little over a month and have noticed my bloating gone, my energy is so much better along with my mood! My husband is happy about my mood!! I will say that I still have cramps but nothing like I use to have! My cramps were untouchable where midol wouldn't touch them and I could hardly sleep but now my cramps are very manageable and come and go during my cycle rather than hang on the whole time!! I have seen a huge change and am very excited to see if it continues to decrease my cramps the longer I am on it!

It's helping!

I'm in my third month of taking Marea, and for the last 2 months, my period has snuck up on me. I usually know it's coming bc I'm cranky and miserable, but lately, that's been less of a marker. That's huge! I also like that Marea creates a reason for me to have a glass of water first thing in the morning. I'm a fan!

This is what I needed

I feel less bloated, more balanced emotionally and stronger within my health!

A True Game Changer!

I took this during the month of August and there was a huge difference in how I felt! I am feeling the effects of it being out of stock this month!

Best hat for the best mood

I love love love this hat. It’s a perfect color and is so incredibly comfortable. Will be a staple in my wardrobe.