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Great product

love the taste and feel great after taking

Great Product

This product is fantastic!!! It has certainly been a game-changer for me and the PMS ELIXIR has significantly reduced my PMDD symptoms (someone who has struggled with PMDD since her early teens). Overcoming hormonal disorders can feel extremely isolating so I am extremely grateful for the Marea team, platform, and community for it's well-rounded product and mission to empower women. There's a profound comfort in knowing that we're in a time when this type of awareness & product are available to the women of this world. THANK YOU.❤

Works great

I have taken this for a little over a month and have noticed my bloating gone, my energy is so much better along with my mood! My husband is happy about my mood!! I will say that I still have cramps but nothing like I use to have! My cramps were untouchable where midol wouldn't touch them and I could hardly sleep but now my cramps are very manageable and come and go during my cycle rather than hang on the whole time!! I have seen a huge change and am very excited to see if it continues to decrease my cramps the longer I am on it!

It's helping!

I'm in my third month of taking Marea, and for the last 2 months, my period has snuck up on me. I usually know it's coming bc I'm cranky and miserable, but lately, that's been less of a marker. That's huge! I also like that Marea creates a reason for me to have a glass of water first thing in the morning. I'm a fan!

This is what I needed

I feel less bloated, more balanced emotionally and stronger within my health!

A True Game Changer!

I took this during the month of August and there was a huge difference in how I felt! I am feeling the effects of it being out of stock this month!

Best hat for the best mood

I love love love this hat. It’s a perfect color and is so incredibly comfortable. Will be a staple in my wardrobe.

Thank you

Significant difference in heavy flow, cramps and irritability. Still have symptoms and fatigue around period but not as bad.

No more cramps!

I have noticed such a difference in my PMS symptoms after just a couple months of the PMS elixir! When I drink it consistently, my period symptoms are almost nonexistent. Last month I forgot to bring my elixir with me on vacation and had terrible cramps and headaches during my period, but this month after staying consistent I haven't had any symptoms. Truly a game-changer!

Lila, I am so excited to hear that you are noticing improvements with consistency! Cheers to healthier, happier cycles ahead!


PMS Elixir: The Menstruator Multivitamin


i love the way it makes me feel!

Love love this product!

Life Changing, have severe PMDD have literally tried everything and this is the only product, that made me feel like a new person! So ready for this to be be back in stock so I can sign up monthly!! Magic product so thankful!!!


Sadly, I was only able to take it for a few days. Each time I took it I got (TMI) extreme diarrhea. I was really hopeful that the elixir would work for me, but my body disagreed.

Kodie, no need to be sorry! I'm so sorry that you're having that response. When adding new supplements into your regimen our bodies can all react differently. Some people do have this response to magnesium.

I wanted to share a few recommendations that may help from our medical advisor Diana Pitman, RD:
1. Avoid drinking the elixir on an empty stomach or within 30 minutes of drinking coffee
2. Ease into the full dose by taking half a packet twice daily and slowly working your way to taking the full serving at once.

Please let us know if this helps!


Miracle Elixir!

Amazing! No mood ups and downs!

Completely Changed Me

This supplement really stands up to the hype! I started taking it and by my next cycle I had a significantly better experience managing my emotions and even period pain. Now that I'm a few months in, I have a consistently stable emotional state through the whole month. I am so grateful to have this in my life and I recommend it to all the women that I know. It really has improved my quality of life! <3

Happy to have Marea!

I have severe mood swings the few days before my period. It can feel like I am incapable of a positive thought. i have been using Marea for two months. This time my mood was much improved. I was able to handle my emotions and even workout before my period. It is such a relief! I'm so happy to have found Marea!

So thankful for this product!!

I just started using Marea a few days ago, so I haven’t been able to note the full effects yet. However, the taste of this product is so good, and I love knowing that I’m receiving an adequate amount of supplements I need in order to support my menstrual health. I have a history of irregular periods, so I’m hopeful this may be able to regulate them and prevent my PMS symptoms!! Perfect for a regular water bottle, plus it helps me get more fluids!! Highly recommend so far.


Only been a month and a half and I am already seeing a difference.
Only thing I would change is the amount of magnesium.

Noticed a big difference

Recommended to all my friends! Will be ordering more!

Sarah, so happy to hear you have noticed a big difference and are sharing with your friends.
Be sure to check out our membership option that gets you 20% off every single month! No commitment, you can adjust your ship date or cancel at anytime. Let us know if you have any questions!

It was this easy all along?!

Have menstruated twice since starting this Elixir, and WOW! Have tried every tincture in the book, modified my diet, researched cycle syncing, and all along all I had to do was try Marea. Expensive but SO worth it- cramps barely noticeable, no headaches, my mood is way more manageable, and my energy level is up! And, always an option to delay your subscription renewal if you aren’t having the Elixir every single day. Tastes like lemonade, good hot or cold (but to be honest would drink it even if it tasted like dirt for these benefits).

This product fixed me!

Seriously. I have tried everything. I am a 37 year old woman who has had PMDD since puberty … to the point of it severely affecting my life. Lost jobs, relationships, ect. Marea has lifted that cloud and allowed me to be a happy, successful, energetic woman who is no longer a monster two and a half weeks a month. Thank you so much!

Maybe a decent multi vitamin

Maybe a decent multi vitamin but I noticed zero in my period... craps the same flow the same moods the same. Took it faithfully and still am to justify the what I paid by but will not be purchasing again as I can find a decent multi vitamin at a lower cost and not have to pay for shipping.

Hi Rachel,

I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't notice any symptom improvement in your first month with the elixir. When combating symptoms with nutrition it can take up to 2-3 months to notice improvements. For me personally it took about 2 months of consistent use to notice a difference.

Unfortunately we can't offer free shipping on international orders at this time but we have found a few ways to save on shipping costs. If you're interested in learning more about our international shipping savings options please feel free to email us:

Great supplement!!

Since using Marea I’ve really noticed that my moods are more even and my skin is more clear. I also love how easy it is to travel with these! No more bottles of supplements to take with me!

I don't know why this works, but I'm so happy it does.

Okay, I waited my full cycle to share my review of this, because I didn't want to give anyone false hope. For a little context, I suffer from PMS, but also Pre Menstrual Exacerbation, which means that my existing mental health disorders get SIGNIFICANTLY worse during my period and in the week before and after it. I haven't been able to find a solution.

Now, I want to emphasize that I was already taking most of the vitamins and minerals that are found in the Marea mix. I honestly just wanted an easier (and better tasting) way to take them than downing a bunch of pills every day, so I bought the powder. I started taking it about 2 weeks before my period, and as it approached, so did my characteristic fear about how I was going to feel. But the strangest thing happened: I got closer and closer to my period, and I felt...fine. It wasn't until the day before I started bleeding that I began to feel some of the negative psychological symptoms that I typically experience, but even those seemed less heavy and less "sticky," if you will. Like it was easier than normal to get myself out of that difficult mental and emotional state.

The second test came as my period came to an end. It's not talked about much, but I find that for me (and many of my friends), some of the worst mental and emotional symptoms can happen as my period is leaving rather than when it's coming. Again, I had one day where I was just irritable and not a happy camper. I took some CBD and called it a night as soon as I could. I felt fine when I woke up in the morning, and I've felt fine since.

I honestly don't understand why Marea works, when the supplements I was taking didn't. But whatever (good) witchcraft they're doing, I'm 100% on board. I'm really hoping that these results continue, because if they do, it'll be life changing. I'm about to sign up for a membership as soon as I finish this review.

I also think it's important to note that I'm not on birth control or SSRI's.

Thank you Marea!

Answer to prayers!

I’ve been suffering from PMDD and peri menopause for several years. I’ve been so, so tired. This has given me more energy and hope! I tell all my friends about it. Extra bonus, no more swallowing all those vitamins. Can I get an Amen? Thank you, Marea!