3-Month International PMS Elixir


The 90-Day Bundle

A great option for our international customers. Receive 3 months of the elixir every 90 days to save on monthly shipping costs.

Kickstart your hormone health in 90 days.  The 3 month membership is for you if you're ready to get disciplined about taking care of yourself. Our delicously drinkable elixir contains 15 essential micronutrients to balance your hormones and help alleviate common PMS symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, brain fog, cramps, bloating and more. Take the first step to cycle health.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

love the taste and feel great after taking

Great Product

This product is fantastic!!! It has certainly been a game-changer for me and the PMS ELIXIR has significantly reduced my PMDD symptoms (someone who has struggled with PMDD since her early teens). Overcoming hormonal disorders can feel extremely isolating so I am extremely grateful for the Marea team, platform, and community for it's well-rounded product and mission to empower women. There's a profound comfort in knowing that we're in a time when this type of awareness & product are available to the women of this world. THANK YOU.❤

Amber Dykes
Works great

I have taken this for a little over a month and have noticed my bloating gone, my energy is so much better along with my mood! My husband is happy about my mood!! I will say that I still have cramps but nothing like I use to have! My cramps were untouchable where midol wouldn't touch them and I could hardly sleep but now my cramps are very manageable and come and go during my cycle rather than hang on the whole time!! I have seen a huge change and am very excited to see if it continues to decrease my cramps the longer I am on it!

Kristen Anderson
It's helping!

I'm in my third month of taking Marea, and for the last 2 months, my period has snuck up on me. I usually know it's coming bc I'm cranky and miserable, but lately, that's been less of a marker. That's huge! I also like that Marea creates a reason for me to have a glass of water first thing in the morning. I'm a fan!

Teigan Lieschke
This is what I needed

I feel less bloated, more balanced emotionally and stronger within my health!